Sunday, May 5, 2013

Home (for now)

After packing up in England and enjoying some beautiful seaside weather (posts on that will be coming) the boys and I hopped on an aeroplane to Canada.  We will be spending a few months here over the summer while Michael finishes up core rotations in Worthing and studies for his next batch of board exams.

we are ready for a break from moving via airplane (the boys informed me everything would fit if Carith was helping us pack)


we are settling in at the farm
the boys are running free
exploring the barn, the fields
cuddling with the animals (Boe, Lucky, Golden, Miss Priss, and Indy)
enjoying the warm sunshine
hoping the black flies burn off with the spring heat
prepare to ready the gardens

There will be back posts from our last bits of time in England and some writing and photos from Amsterdam.  Although we went in March that trip deserved more time and attention (then I could give while packing and studying).  All the while we will be soaking in our time with deeply missed family and keeping busy.


  1. Oh, goodness, fields and deer get me every time. Ontario, right?
    It's making me homesick! ;)
    Enjoy the settling in, and yes, hopefully the black flies will fly off soon!

    1. Sorry - did not mean to make you homesick. When do you return? Yes, it is Ontario. We are excited to spend some time here and enjoy the good weather and see family.
      Chey xo

    2. Hahaha, no, it's good! It makes me realize how much Ontario will always be home to me. I get back to Ottawa June 10th!

  2. Oh those bags! And the photos of the deer are beautiful. Just beautiful. I love that dopple of sunshine across the camera.

    I can just imagine the boy-full bliss to be off the plane and running around on their grandparents land. Hoping that you have such a lovely time there. Hopefully it wasn't too hard to leave Europe behind (for now). xo

  3. Thank you Rebecca. We did love Europe but have had a deep craving to spend time with family lately. The boys are really enjoying their freedom - perfect for them.
    Chey xo