Saturday, May 18, 2013

Boys on the Farm

We arrived to some beautiful weather at the farm.  It was short lived and disappeared in time for the weekend celebrating Mothers Day and Dillon's Birthday, but we enjoyed it while we could   - and before the dreaded black flies descended upon us.  The farm is a perfect place for the boy spirit to come out and run free.

a little archery

beau unburying and burying his toys

filling bird feeders

after seeing a couple dead blue jays and a stunned one we thought bird killer Indy was on the prowl - then we realized they were flying into the windows on the gates to the garden.

picking leaks EARLY in the morning with dad.

loving on the dogs

watching birds


these guys are fast and hard to catch in a photo

Beau was crowned king

watching Indy get out of a pickle in the tree

climbing trees

helping papa with the grapes

burning brush

finding cozy reading spots

sharing the bed with pets


  1. Oh these are so glorious. Your boys look so at home, so happy and triumphant in their surroundings. I love seeing them connect with their grandparents animals -it is something my boys always do as well. they love being and connecting to all things related to their family -especially the animals. They become their temporary confidants.

    You also have some absolutely marvelous captures of nature. gathering leeks with your father, the birds, the archery...all so breathtakingly beautiful. hope you are having a lovely, lovely time there. xo

    1. Rebecca, thank you so much for your kind words. Your comments always touch me. I am always somewhat surprised when others see what is so special in my photos - as I selfishly take them for myself and my family to record our experiences and memories. It means so much more when others are affected by them as well. I very much agree with you - grandparents, their home, and their animals are a magical place!!!! Chey xo