Thursday, May 30, 2013

Amsterdam - the first day

Back in March we took a trip to Amsterdam.  This was a trip that we were really looking forward to - for several reasons.  My father was born in Amsterdam and immigrated to Canada when he was a young boy.  His family has a lot of history in the city of Amsterdam and I have been looking forward to exploring the city with Michael, the boys, and my sister.  We would have a week to experience the city that was a part of our families history.

we settled into our house boat for the week in a quiet part of the city on a beautiful canal - it also came with some furry friends

the boys found the all important cubbies to read in

although the weather was cold, wet and dismal our temporary home was cozy and warm - almost so much that we did not venture out to see the city.

the first day we stopped by the Noordermarket and had delicious Apple Pie

the boys were unbelievably happy to play on some swings in the rain

I think papa had some of these as a kid

we were excited to pick up some of our favorite raisin buns (not sure what they are really called) - we always had these at Grandma's house

oh the cheese, the best cheese in the world


  1. I have to ask... how did you end up staying in a house boat? (way cool, by the way)

    1. I think we found it on VRBO - Vacation Rentals By Owner. The owners were wonderful people and we would love to stay there again - it was perfect. We all loved it!!!