Sunday, June 22, 2014

A New Space

This old house
 New space for us
Young familiar faces on old walls
Delicate blossoms emerging from overgrown flower beds
Returning a garden to its old glory
A comfy hammock hidden away - top choice for reading on hot summer days
The beginnings of a vegetable patch
Sprinkler rainbows
A perfect place to piddle away when time allows 
 Just the excuse needed to stay outside just a little longer

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Spring Trip (like no other)

A spring trip to the desert
7 days
19 kids
5 adults
changing weather
a spring snowstorm
4 inches of heavy wet snow
cold nights
blowing sand
no toilets no running water
desert flowers blossoming
resilient kids
a day of slot canyons
a quick afternoon storm full of rain/lightening/thunder and wind
magnificent rainbows
backpacking down a sandy wash
heavy packs carrying the basics - water - food - shelter
a canyon warm and teaming with life
a cozy campsite shaded by trees
clear flowing water
frogs calling all night
a full moon
minnows, moss, and algae
the sound of deer hooves in the night
footprints from different critters by the waters edge
striking, huge, red canyon walls
a stunning arch
2 beautiful nights in a secluded canyon
a week full of observation, learning, experiencing, positive moments, wildness, and unmatched beauty
if only it was 2 weeks instead of 1