Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Teen??

Not sure how this happened but the oldest just became a teenager, amazing how time flies by.

It is hard for me to believe that the day has come  - my oldest is a teenager - the big 13.  I remember you as a sweet little babe - our first born.  You have grown into a young man that we are so proud of - it is hard for me to find all the words that describe you and the love that we have for you.

When you find something you enjoy you put all your energy, focus and love into it.

You are a lover of all books and wish you could just buy them all, it is not uncommon for you to haul a backpack full of them, even on a very short trip.  As a toddler you were never attached to a blanky, toy or anything else but were fine with some books.  You fell in love with books at 2 months when your dad held up a puppy book and you could not take your eyes off of the pages - we have read to you ever since.

You love your brother deeply and always show care and concern for him.

You have high expectations of yourself and become frustrated when you cannot do as well as you wanted.

You have a deep passion for surfing and rock climbing, you are comfortable in the outdoors and have a connection with being out in nature.

If you have done something wrong you are sad and feel horrible about it, you also say something right away.

You are intense, sensitive, caring and show concern for others.

You love Jellyfish and do silly things like watch shark week or Jaws before going out in the ocean.

You have a deep wanting to move to New Zealand.

You love Legos, Star Wars, painting mini figures from Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.

You savor the opportunities you have to spend time with family and care deeply about doing everything with them.

You enjoy good yogurt, all fruits (mango, berries, bananas and pears - but never cantaloupe or honeydew).

You are an awesome passionate young man that we are so proud of.  Congrats on becoming a teenager - although life can be tough and difficult we will always be here for you - to face the challenges with you - every step of the way.

Happy Birthday Dillon Seamus
Love Mom, Dad and Ro


  1. oh what a sweet post, your words made me teary. and of course the pictures - i love them all. dillon is a very special boy and i sensed it right away when we first went to the beach together on the island. that day, that magical day i'll never forget during which that first shot was taken of dillon holding onto ezra's hands on the paddle board - ezra who was terrified of the water and never would do anything like that without the brave, caring support of dillon. he and ezra share a similar intensity and sensitivity that i love seeing in his older version. i was greatly impressed by his sweet way with ezra and yet at the same time his loyalty to his brother ronan. his love for you was always paramount and it seemed the ocean a close second. i am sure he has touched all your lives in such a tremendous way and will continue to do so as he enters the next phase of becoming a young adult. i'm sure he will do great things. happy birthday and we hope you get lots of great family gifts now that you're back in the pack!

    1. Anushka, thank you for the sweet, sweet words. That first photo really stuck out to me. I see the similarities between Dill and Ezra so much and although we have not met Indy yet I believe there are some between those two as well. I really hope one day soon we can spend time together again.
      Chey xo

  2. Oh Chey this post is ever so beautiful. You have such a gift with the camera and your oldest is so fetching. It made my heart all so tight in my chest. To turn 13 is such a point. {Somedays (mine turned 13 in January) I am not sure if we are heading up or down} The deep love you have for both of your boys is so very inspirational. I love the images you have woven with your words. I can just imagine our two eldest getting along so well (if they ever had the time to meet up ~mine can be a bit introverted). The love of books and outdoors. This is just so heartfelt, I hope that you print it all out and give it to him (or save it for him for that someday...). I also love your friend's comments. The tenderness. She clearly loves your son.

    I remember Madeleine L'Engle once wrote (paraphrased of course) that for a mother her child's birthday was her own special Christmas. I think that this is so true. Those days when we celebrate their birth are so very special indeed. A gift to us. Wishing him many beautiful days in the years to come! Sorry if this was rather rambling. xo

  3. Oh Rebecca, you have brought tears to my eyes. I love the idea of our children's birthday being our christmas - that we are able to share another year with our little ones (even as they get bigger they are still "our" little ones). It would be great to get together one of these days, possibly in Colorado or California. Thank you so much for your kind words - I never see them as rambling.
    Chey xo