Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Water - it is what fills us with energy - maybe our life blood
regardless, our family and water go hand in hand
so it goes without saying that we found a special little watering hole close by
a place to cool off in summer - recharge and refresh

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

His Passion

It has taken a bit of time - but slowly on his own accord Dillon has returned to his passion
Before moving out of the country he spent hours a week on his bouldering
He trained in the gym and climbed outside as much as possible
This last year he gathered a group of friends and began a return to the gym on a regular basis
He has started to share his passion with others - it is beautiful to watch
He is excited to share his special outdoor bouldering spots with friends
As he matures his patience with his own climbing has grown, and he is just a little more willing to listen to feedback
He has tackled some Boulder problems that were mentally tough in the past and sent them successfully
It has been a privilege and an honor to witness this journey of his

A Special Opportunity

The water and inquiry occupation had good fortune this year and secured a river permit
It has been 4 years since they have done a river trip - this was something special
I appreciated beyond words to be able to share this opportunity with an awesome group of students and adults (would have loved for my family to join the trip)
Not many people have the chance to spend a week on the San Juan River - it was something really special
We were surrounded by beauty that only mother earth could provide

my dear friend Tessa and fellow guide