Wednesday, May 22, 2013


The trees are full of blossoms - hopefully a sign that they will be heavy with fruit this summer.




crab apple

and some beautiful lilacs

Bobolink Orchard - newly named after a bird never seen before (a Bobolink) was spotted perched on a young apple tree.  The Bobolink's migrate from Argentina and Brazil to Ontario  - arriving in April and staying until September.  They use the long grassy meadows and fields for nesting.  Opposite of most bird markings the Bobolink has white markings on their back and top of the head and are black on the bottom.

the hope is that all the young fruit trees in Bobolink Orchard will grow big and strong like the old fruit trees scattered around the farm.


  1. beautiful photos. I love all those blossoms bursting forth. I think I could live my life on an orchard farm. I am not sure if I would love all the harvesting that was involved, but I just love walking amongst the old and the new. They truly symbolize for me the changing circle of seasons.

    Bobolink Bird! I will have to look up this one up. My oldest has become quite a bird enthusiast thanks to his science class, so I love sharing new finds with him. hope you all are well. xo

  2. Beautiful blossom photos! I am bummed that I'm missing this lovely time of year in Ontario, it's so nice when every day is a little more green and colourful than the last! xo