Thursday, May 23, 2013


This mothers day was the the first time in years I was able to spend Mothers Day with my mom, so thankful for that - we had a wonderful day.  It was also the first time I was able to visit my Grandma's grave since she died.  She played a major role in my child hood and was the first family member that I was close to that died.

She was a strong Dutch woman that survived the war
she was a Montessori teacher
she immigrated to Canada
she raised 5 children

I remember her voice
I remember her smell
I remember her curly silver hair
I remember her cats - most chubby and skittish
I remember her pots of tea and the tea cozy
I remember having tea at the kitchen table with Grandma and allowed a little bit of sugar
I remember dutch cookies, dutch cheese and all those yummy treats
I remember her stories

I remember celebrating St. Nicholas at Grandma's house (the one my father grew up in when he also immigrated to Canada)
I remember a nock at the door and a white sack on the door step
I remember our shoes full with special treats
I remember paper noches flying through the air
I remember chocolate letters - one for each - the first letter of your name

I remember her shelf full of National Geographic Magazines
I remember her knitting basket
I remember her black and white television and watching Love Boat when we stayed late
I remember her dinning room table (that is now at the farm in my parents dining room)
I remember her buffet that had a drawer with the silver and her asking me to put out what was needed on the table
I remember family gatherings at holidays - we all found a way to fit around the table
I remember Grandma's chair at the head of the table
I remember Grandma's piano and the orange cloth that laid across the keys
I remember the steep stairs that led to the one small bathroom upstairs
I remember her paintings
I remember her crown of thorns in the window in the dining room
I remember her bedroom with a tray of perfume bottles and her jewelry
I remember her spoon collection, hundreds from all over the world

I remember the beautiful cards she would always send (still have some)
I remember her phone calls
I remember traveling with her

I remember her backyard
I remember her flowers
I remember her old shed
I remember her tree that we cut the top off
I remember her pond
I remember the back porch - we would hide in the shade in the hot summer months

I remember her hallway with her shoes
I remember her various canes
I remember her gong at the front door
I remember her hugs
I remember her smile
I remember her wave good bye

I miss you like it was just yesterday that we said good bye
Thank you for all the love, warmth, and wonderful memories
Thank you for being Grandma


  1. This is beautiful. Tissue box in hand. You said this all so lovely.
    Thinking of you. xo

    1. Thank you Rebecca, she was a wonderful woman.
      Chey xo

  2. These are lovely photos and such lovely memories. I remember my grandmother's tray of perfumes too.
    Very special, I'm glad you shared this.

    1. Thank you - Grandmothers are very special indeed.
      Chey xo