Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Already Another Year!!!!!!!

Not sure where the last year went
We lay in bed the night before his birthday reminiscing, where were we this time last year?  We talked about our trip to Spain for his birthday. Auntie Carith showing up at the door in England (unannounced to you).  What a busy year you have had.
I thought back to when you were born, a baby, a toddler, so wanting to go to school like his big brother.  This guys is always happy, always loving life.
He does not worry about what others think, he just enjoys the path he chooses.

His mature sense of humor always making us laugh.
That sweet grin always on his face.
He has let us know that "he loves the feeling of Fridays and feels sad on Sundays".
He loves to cuddle and be with family.
A boy wise beyond his years.
A lover of turtles (and all animals).
Currently a fan of perfecting yoyo tricks.
Always shows concern and love for his loved ones.
Has a special (and keen) sense of awareness to his surroundings.
Oh I miss my baby boy but am so proud of the young man he is growing into.
We all wish you the happiest of Birthdays and may you have a wonderful year full of fun, love and great adventures!!!!
We love you Ronan
With all our love - Mom, Dad and Dilly Bar.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


A quick getaway with my love
A heart pumping hike in
Never ending views
Above the clouds
Mountains all around
Furry friends hanging on in the wind
A blustery night that brought snow
Foot prints from a visitor in the night
Early morning sunrise
A white winter wonderland hike out