Friday, November 16, 2012

The Big 10

Today - ten years ago my youngest babe was born.  After an interesting night of mostly sleep - through labor,  he arrived bright and early to join our family.  Since that day he has chosen to be more of a night owl and sleep late.

happiness with a side of Nutella

deep thinker

lover of life

dear friend

dads side kick

loving brother

I believe this was the "get the bee" dance

As I look back through photos and look at him now all I can say is WOW.  Where has the time gone?  He has grown up so much - physically and emotionally, but he will always be my little one.  He infuses our family with funny, keeps us on our toes and never seizes to surprise me either with experiments or a bit of knowledge that comes from his uncanny ability to soak up information from his environment. This guy loves to explore, find adventure and let his free spirit guide him through life.  He is an athlete, a creative being and the biggest cuddle bug around, absolutely full of love.  Thank you Ronan for all the laughs, cuddles, and love.
Happy, Happy 10th Birthday

Love you sweet one


  1. happy birthday ronan! may your adventures be great this year of being 10! love, all of us

  2. Happy birthday Ronan...what a beautiful life you have led so far....may you have many more years the same!!!