Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Sometimes inspiration is in the lens

when the sun shines you just have to get out and explore
take a peek from a different perspective


  1. Absolutely! And what a perfect perspective - your guys look so lovely...and willing to pose. Mine always run a mile when I get the camera out.

    Nina x

  2. Thanks Nina. This was a rarity and I had to beg at that. A good trade for an adventure out and about.
    Chey x

  3. cool cats chey. love that brooding boy that is dillon - i have one so much the same. i think my little indy is going to be more like ro too - is it first born second born personalities? great that you have a skate park!

    1. Thanks Anushka - I agree with you totally - Indy appears to be much like Ro (and Ezra like Dill)- definitely the first born/second born thing - I see it over and over. It would be great one day to catch up again and let the boys roam!!! Miss you guys. Chey xo