Monday, November 26, 2012


We have eagerly been awaiting our trip to Barcelona.  We celebrated Ronan's 10th birthday on Friday with a very special surprise.  My sister rang our door buzzer and the boys were quite amazed to see their aunt on the video screen.  Carith also joined us on our trip to Barcelona.  We were excited for some warmer weather, good food and much, much exploring.

the day we arrived we spent the afternoon wandering the streets in the old city

 Barcelona Cathedral

Doctors without Borders office in Barcelona

Gaudi Chimneys

an artist on La Rambla

Fairies in the Forest

The lions on the Christopher Columbus monument reminded us of Aslan in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

laundry drying in the breeze over the monument

a great explorer

waiting for delicious crepes and waffles

the perfect snack

Sunday laundry in Barceloneta

bike storage in Barceloneta

headed to the ocean

Dillon was shocked and not very happy to see a group of surfers in the water.  If I had known we would have planned a day for him to be in the water

the boys absolutely loved this climbing structure on the beach

beautiful sand sculptures

Ronan would have enjoyed a few days on the beach making sand castles and sculptures

after our walk around Barceloneta and the beach we took the boys to the aquarium

in a light drizzle we enjoyed the view of the port while on our way to find a cozy warm place for dinner

the port

A good pint to end the day

La Rambla at night - always busy

our walk home after our first full day in Barcelona through dark narrow streets still full of activity and under a beautiful moon.


  1. A city I've long wanted to visit - it looks so beautiful...a mixture of historic and new.

    Maybe one day,

    Nina x

  2. It was very beautiful. You should go there for sure - you would be amazed at the deals we found. We would never have made it from the states.
    Chey x

  3. wow! i'm amazed by these pictures. what a great trip - and for the kids too! i forgot to wish ro a happy birthday in the previous post or newer post i should say. loved the cake they decorated! i love all these pictures too. what a fantastic trip! that climbing structure is so cool. all the architecture would just have me looking up all day long.

  4. (Shoot... I've been leaving comments all over your blog and just now realized I wasn't signed in. I think they may have gotten lost.)
    I'm happy to see that Michael got to go with you guys... I had just assumed you'd be going w/o him. In general, does he have more family time now that he's in rotations?

    1. Yes, I think they may be lost in blog world. Yes - he does have more time. I will send you an email. Thanks for commenting.