Thursday, November 8, 2012

Summer Past

Last summer we spent a month with family in my homeland.  In the last year there were many updates on the farm - enjoy

the second side of the barn

curtains and paint in the library

 the gardens were full of color and flowers

 friends here and there

 a place to rest

 the garden shed

 gates to keep the deer out

 the beginning of the transformation of the pig house - soon to be a new small space just for my parents

finishing detail on the exterior of the barn

 finished interior of the second side

 a view of the chicken house

 a painting of New Mexico

 a place to quilt

 carlos's home

 a woman in the woods


 many many tomatoes

fences and more gates

grapes growing strong


  1. mmm, what a warm and cozy country getaway. i love carlos's home and the future renovated pig house for your parents! is the painting of new mexico your home there? i like the idea of looking back at your other home through the window of the painting. these are such pretty pictures to capture the essence of the farm. i love beau.

    1. Thank you Anushka - it is a great getaway and we love Beau too. Yes, the painting is of my parents house in New Mexico - it is a historic home on the historic registry. It has some cool history. Chey xo

  2. Oh gosh - this is the kind of place I dream of loving some day. So homely and welcoming.

    Nina x

    1. I think you would really enjoy it there Nina, if you ever head over the pond you are welcome to come by.
      Chey x

  3. I could live in the chicken house and the garden shed. Truly, WOW! What a beautiful place...

    1. Thank you MJ. I could live in those spaces as well.
      Chey xo