Friday, November 2, 2012

An Iconic Town

When someone says Oxford the first thoughts that come to mind (for myself) are Ivy League schools and long standing traditions.  It is a place full of scholarly history and traditions.  Oxford is the ultimate, the top of the educational ladder and experience if you will. We took a quick visit to spend some time with our friend Rose and little Eliaa.  Rose gave us the tour of her College at Oxford (St. Cross) and the other well known sights of Oxford.  Our trip was way too short and we want to explore the town more, so, we will have to return.

 St. Cross College  - the college within Oxford (Oxford is made up of a group of individual colleges - you apply to Oxford and once accepted you choose the college that works best for what you are studying - or in the case of Rose that has the best food??) that Rose is attending

 we let the wild things run free on a quiet Saturday morning

 the inner quad of St. Cross College

 BlackFriars College

 The Martyr's Monument

 as Rose called them "freshies"

George Street - near Balliol College

 Sheldonian Theater where Rose matriculated into Oxford - congrats and thanks Rose for busting your butt in school so we can all experience Oxford

 The Bodleian Library

 The Bridge of Sighs

 The Bodleian Library

 Radcliffe Camera built in 1737 - main reading room in Bodleian Library

little Rudolph - a bitter cold morning

 cream tea to warm the chilled bones

 clotted cream and scones - real English scones are SO good

 this sweet little one adores hanging out with Uncle Mike

 Tom Tower entrance to Christ Church College

 beautiful English gardens

 Christ Church College - the inspiration for the dinning hall in Harry Potter

"mom - there are cows in the middle of town!" - what a lovely break from chores of daily life

 a sometimes  meeting place for the likes of Tolkein and C.S. Lewis and other authors that belonged to a group known as the Inklings.  The group was resurrected in 2006 and now meets at St. Cross College on Sunday evening (so Rose have you snuck into any of these meetings?).

 I think the boys jump every time we see this haha

 a lovely flower shop in the Oxford Covered Market

the river down by the Colleges Boat Houses ( I think Rose joined the rowing team just for the cool jacket - hehe)

Thank you Rose for giving us the inside tour and your wonderful hospitality.  We love spending time with you girls.  We appreciate the opportunity to experience such a legendary place.


  1. nice little trip i'd say! thank you for sharing. just had a little escape with my tea. rose is such an amazing woman. doing it all with baby in tow. inspirational!

    1. You are welcome - Yes- she takes the cake for sure. Very Strong!!!! Having tea is like taking a pause in the day. Chey XO

  2. AMAZZZZZING photos... Love the one of the plant on the wall...
    Have a great weekend!
    Tammy xx

    1. Thank you Tammy - have a wonderful weekend as well. Chey x

  3. I've never been to Oxford - but lived in Cambridge for a couple of years - it does look lovely.

    Nina x