Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sangria and Sight Seeing

Day 2 in the city of Barcelona included a sunny morning and an interesting bus ride to Parc Guell

a statue along our way to the bus stop - reminded me of the boys and their love for turtles

an amazing deli we walked by - every inch was full of meat and cheeses

common to see full pig legs set up for carving

Casa Batllo - from the bus on the way to Parc Guell.  It was a bus ride to remember.  When we got on it was standing room only - as we made our way up the street - more and more people got on.  The boys were camped out on our feet below us (like little penguins) as we all squished in tight.  A woman remarked behind me that they must stop allowing people on at some point - nope they just keep on coming.  We eventually arrived at our stop and spilled out of the bus.

Placa Del Tibidabo

Parc Guell - one of several musicians playing music throughout the park

an olive tree that was full of olives

brothers having a good time

taking in the view of Sagrada Familia and the city of Barcelona

the view of the city and the ocean

the hillside behind Parc Guell

another musician - this one was a little more wild  - the boys were amused

a group of school children enjoying lunch while visiting the park.  as the sun was out the park was very busy

although I would have loved to explore the park built by Antoni Gaudi with not another soul in sight and let the boys run wild it was a beautiful place to walk through

beautiful ceiling tile mosaics

more beautiful tile work

entrance to Parc Guell

this guy caught the boys eye

beautiful architecture - I could spend so much time just wandering the streets with my camera
next stop was Sagrada Familia


  1. That slanted tunnel looks amazing.

    Nina x

  2. i live vicariously through your adventures :). Barcelona is beautiful!!!!

  3. coooool!!!! love the buildings. kinda psychedelic. i have so much catching up to do here! we've been really sick.

  4. Your photography is sooo enjoyable. I love how you capture moods and feelings, and not just scenes. Curious: How did the boys enjoy the trip? What were their impressions? I think the opportunity you are giving them to see the world at this age will pay dividends the rest of their lives. Lucky kids :-)