Monday, June 3, 2013

The Garden (s)

I was really hoping to spend some time working in the garden at the farm.  When we first arrived it appeared we would have good luck with the weather.  Then the black flies arrived - everything halted.  These nasty little bugs torture you when you work outside for a few weeks in the spring.  I eventually broke down and put on a bug net to work on one project (cutting away a bunch of bushes by the front door) but then we waited for cool, sunny, and bug free weather to work through the other gardens.  We were able to get a fair amount done when we left and look forward to what may come up when we return.

the boys started working with the seedlings that Oma planted - 150 tomato plants, some squash, melons, peppers, lettuce and some other random things

ready for the peas

holly hock and tomato beds were cleaned out
sweet peas, red runner beans, morning glories, four 'o' clocks, zinnia's and snapdragons were planted in their beds
bush beans, peas, carrots, and onions were planted in their rows
paper and mulch was laid down
grapes got some mulch
manure was laid in the large garden bed - ready for the transplants when they are big enough
trips were made with the big and small tractor to the back field for mulch and manure
there were some tractor driving lessons and possibly one little race between big tractor and little tractor

it was wonderful to spend some time in the gardens working with Oma and Papa and I am very thankful for the opportunity


  1. oh gosh! your parents place! It is stuff farm dreams are made of. I can just imagine all the mucking fun to be had. I am glad you were able to spend a little time helping out! I am sure it is very appreciated. Your photos are so so wonderful!!!

    Oh also: notes on creative techniques with the DSLR! So first I have been shooting in manual mode all the time recently (I won an e-course on taking photos so this is where I am learning all of this). So some shots are fabulous and some blech, but I am getting the hang of it. For the flower overexposure I am placing a flower or two or three next to a window with some good light. I then open up my lens up really high so that the shot is overexposed then clique away! The light softens the focus a bit. For the flare shots I have been looking for a moment when the sun is bursting forth behind a tree or branches then I angle my lens directly at it, focus on the branches then again clique away. I have not done either of these with the boys, but I can't wait to try it next time we are out at the beach at sunset! Same ideas for people as objects!! hope this helps or at least makes sense....xxoo

  2. Thank you Rebecca - yes it is full of farm fun when we visit Oma and Papa!!!! Thank you for the photo tips - I do love playing around with the exposure - I just need to force myself to take the time to play more in manual!!!! I can't wait to see some with the boys!!!!
    Chey xo

  3. Beautiful, Chey. That blue chair is just thing to be sat on! Imogen x

    1. Thank Imogen - it is a beautiful blue!!!! Thank you so much for stopping by.
      Chey xo