Monday, June 10, 2013

Night and Day

Saturday night on the square
A breeze blowing off the ocean
Street soccer on the basketball court
Children in the playground
Saturday evening mass

Sunday on a long wild white sand beach
Crashing waves
Giggles and laughter
A game of under or over
Fun with friends
Beautiful sea glass

Sun kissed hair
Golden skin
Tired bodies
Memories of life on st. maarten and guana bay


  1. That sea (the colour) and those waves! Wish the weather would pick up here, but I can live through the loveliness through yours...until I can get down to the beach again.

    Nina x

    1. I wish warm weather for you there - until then we will enjoy it for you!!!!

      Chey xo

  2. I miss the beach :)....gorgeous photos Chey :).

    1. Thank you MJ, this trip has reminded me how much we love the Caribbean Ocean.
      Chey xo

  3. oh the gorgeousness! there is something special that you capture in these Chey. Just magic. magic.

    There is something so sweet and sacred about Saturday evening mass, I can only imagine how rich and beautiful it must be in mexico.
    (are you bilingual?). these photos make me want to scooch down across the border with the boys and enjoy the heat and the space apart from all the mess up here. xxoo

    1. Thank you Rebecca - I always hope to capture the feeling of the moments. I so wish I was bilingual - but I remember spanish mass as a child (my father always wanted to attend the first mass of sunday morning and it was usually in Spanish) and could say all the words along with the priest. It wold do all of you wonders to escape for a bit.
      Chey xo