Monday, June 3, 2013


Just to add a little excitement to our otherwise boring life we had a little storm last night.  It was very similar to some of the storms we experienced while living on St. Maarten.  The day started out with some heavy rain which was welcomed as there has not been much rain here and the mangroves were all dried out.  Things quickly escalated to increased winds, a non-stop intense lightening show with cracks of thunder that made us all jump.  

the scene out the back window was an eerie reminder of the storms we experienced on St. Maarten

the beach the morning after the storm - the young palm trees were almost completely buried in the sand

the boats ended up on the beach

the local tractor working to get the boats working

after a rough night of sleep being woken by loud cracks of thunder we are hoping for the return of the sunshine.


  1. Yikes! That sounds scary!
    Glad you're all ok.

    1. Thank you - yes we were all safe. Just a gentle reminder that hurricane season has started and we are the caribbean coast.
      Chey xo

  2. Yikes is right! Hopefully sunshine returns soon and you all are back out on the beach relaxing and enjoying yourselves. I can imagine it must have been a fright to be woken up off and on all night. Oh what memories. xo