Monday, June 3, 2013

A Room for Creating

Oma has a room in the barn that is perfect for creating 
mixed media art
knitting projects
While at the farm we worked on organizing, starting some projects and finishing others

part of Oma's fabric collection

one of her many aprons

a knitting project

a secret project that was started for boy number 2 (shhhhh- don't say anything)

FINALLY - this is the first sweater I ever started, it began on the island with my friend Jen (who completed her sweater in a couple of weeks of course) and I finally completed it a year later at the farm.  I chose the yarn as a reminder of the beautiful caribbean ocean.  It is now neatly folded and tucked away to be worn this winter in Colorado.

Malabrigo Marino

as per usual I started a last minute project before we left for Mexico - Dillon needed a lighter more colorful hat - the one Oma made him for the island has been worn thread bare.

Noro, Silk Garden


  1. WOW: that studio space in the barn is so very enviable. It belongs in a magazine! really!! so so lovely. I love your sweater as well. That is often how I feel about my knitting projects lately. they are started, but take lightyears to find the time to finish.

    Will you be moving to Colorado then? Denver? Boulder? It is where I grew up and went to school.

    Hope you are having fun in Mexico. xo

    1. Yes - the studio space is very beautiful!!!! I agree there are so many knitting projects to finish - I have had to come to terms with this - there will always be a list.

      Wow - where did you grow up in Colorado, where did you go to school? my husband is from there. We will be living on the edge of Golden/Lakewood from August until about June - and then we will move to where ever residency will be.

      We are having a good time although ready for some sun - we had a little tropical storm come through.
      Chey xo

  2. Beautiful sweater! That blue colour is gorgeous! And yes, what an incredible studio space!

    1. Thank you so much - yes Oma is pretty luck to have that beautiful space - although very much well deserved!!!!
      Chey xo

  3. Loooove your projects and oh my god that craft room is my dream!!!