Sunday, June 2, 2013

Day 2 in Amsterdam

With a long list of places we wanted to visit in the city we tried to plan our days with a little bit of wandering with bits of relaxation at home.  This was a vacation after all.  We took the tram to the Central Train Station and then slowly meandered to the Resistance Museum.  My Grandfather played a role in the Resistance during the war - including printing one of the underground newspapers.

Central Train Station

St. Nicholas - I really wanted to spend some time in this church but we were there during mass and prayer - next time.

"taste drinking establishment"

fire department

we finally arrived at the Resistance Museum after our wanderings.  This museum focuses on the resistance movement during the war.  The museum has many, many artifacts from the war and covers so much material.  There is a lot to learn while visiting this museum.  There are some amazing stories of those that experienced this time that played a major role in history.  This is a picture of the printing equipment that used to print underground newspapers and documents.

"The Truth" - an underground newspaper that my grandfather assisted in printing


The "Amsterdam" - belonged to the Dutch East India Company - which sank on its maiden voyage to Batavia.

The next stop after lunch was the National Maritime Museum that was recently renovated.  The museum was an old land store building used by the Dutch Navy until 1973.


  1. oh! What a breathtaking place in history your grandfather had! What an experience for your boys to walk in the footsteps of their grandfather! It is something I am sure you all are fiercely proud of.

    All of these photos are absolutely beautiful. I hope someday I can take my boys to Europe and wander in and out of European history. In the mean time your photos will have to do. What a visual journal they tell. xo

    1. Thank you so much Rebecca!!!! Yes it is some family history we are definitely proud of and I was so happy that the boys were able to experience it with this opportunity. It is something I hope they will carry with them for a life time.
      Chey xo