Monday, April 1, 2013

Our Last Day

Possibly in an attempt to pretend we were not really leaving our last day in Sidi Kaouki was a very busy one.  So much so that I was throwing our stuff into our packs as the boys were running out of the shower so we could get to the taxi.

The boys insisted on surfing one more time before we left, Hamid agreed.  We spent the morning on the beach in Sidi Kaouki - a spot we had not surfed the entire time as the swell had been much to big.  This morning session was not so much just about their skills on their surfboards but their connection with the ocean.  The boys have spent a lot of time in the ocean  - starting when they were months old.  Hamid was giving the boys the opportunity to experience this beautiful place on their own.  Give them some guidance about this spot on the beach, talk about the importance of paying attention and being aware of where you are, know your limits and above all respecting the ocean.  It can be hard as a parent to trust that your children will be safe and let them take this step towards independence.  We have allowed the boys to play and enjoy the ocean without us in the water many times - the difference is when you are in a new place and are learning the tides and currents and when you see the HUGE waves at the time it is definitely a test.

there were some good size waves that day

Those tiny feet - Dillon pulling off the cucaracha - Alejandro and Nacho would be proud

take note of the camel's tongue - it was accompanied by some entertaining noises

We really loved our time in Sidi Kaouki, I hope to return and explore more of Morocco.  The food was delicious, the country is beautiful and the people are happy, kind, welcoming and love to share their amazing home.  It was a wonderful experience for us as a family and great to see the boys explore a new country at an age where they could really soak it in and remember it.

The Details - we used Blue Morocco for our trip because we wanted to surf - Azhar and Alice were wonderful in the planning process and when we arrived.  Hamid was an amazing guide who made a very special connection with the boys.  It is these relationships that can make a trip mean so much more.

this will be our mode of transportation on the next trip

our gas attendant on the way to the airport was this sweet very young boy

always the sign of a good trip - both boys sleeping the 3 hour drive to the airport

until we return I will be thinking of the warm soft sand beaches, the beautiful waves, the sweat mint tea and the delicious moroccan pancakes


  1. This is such a gorgeous visual tale. The beaches, the markets, the desert, I can only imagine how beautiful this place actually is. & Oh those boys who still sleep when so exhausted! Did they love it? Camels, surfing? wow. just lovely. xxoo

  2. Thank you Rebecca. It is a very beautiful place that I really hope to return to. The boys did love it - a wonderful adventure!!!!! I am sure your boys would love it to.

    Chey xo

  3. Good to see Ro surfing as well :-)