Thursday, April 11, 2013

Across the English Channel

We opted for something different and decided to take the ferry across the English Channel.  A visit to Normandy was on our "to do" list while living here in the UK.  It would also be a great opportunity for us all to visit the beaches of D-Day, something the boys could relate to their country and school work when they returned.  Although the weather was less than desirable we made the best of it and had a relaxing weekend.

leaving NewHaven, UK

arriving in Dieppe, France

Saturday morning we walked out our door to enjoy the Honfleur market - Dillon was delighted to find fresh made Nutella crepes.  Not sure there could be a better breakfast.

sausage and sauerkraut 

so many food choices available

we left the market and made our way along the coast visiting the beaches from WWII

Juno beach where the Canadians landed and one of their memorials

Mulberry Harbor - it was constructed in England and towed across the channel to France.

Omaha Beach from the cemetery

The American cemetery above Omaha Beach

one of the memorial structures at Omaha Beach

a memorial down on Omaha Beach

we woke up to snow

St. Catherine's church - the oldest wooden church in France

 Samuel De Champlain embarked from the Honfleur harbor for Canada

this building in Rouen still shows the damage from the war

where Joan of Arc was burned at the stake


Dillon the gargoyle


The short trip was a great opportunity to see some places that played a major role in history and maybe we can return one day when the weather is pleasant and enjoy the warm beaches with good food.


  1. I need to get out more. Stunning photographs.

    1. Thank You. I agree - find some nearby places and explore. You never know what you will find.
      Chey xo

  2. Wow, what an incredible and undoubtedly powerful journey! Fantastic photos! I love the shutters, the rooftops, the crumbling brickwork, and that sunbeam on the water? Gasp! So beautiful!

    1. Thank you!! Yes I found the trip to be very emotional. I have never been someone really into history but there was something there that really connected. Myself being Canadian and my husband American it meant something to both of us. It reminded me of the days we would wear poppies in school in Canada. Standing on the beaches was very powerful.

      Chey xo

  3. It's amazing isn't it. We only visited the beaches years ago, but you've really inspired me to go back day.

    Nina x

  4. Fantastic photography! And what a trip, even if short. You can't be there and not feel moved by the human effort and sacrifice of that place. The history is so real and feels so alive. Rouen is an enchanted city... I never spent much time there, just passed through a couple times, but Normandy in general (spent six months up on the tip) is fantastic (if you can get past the weather). Glad you guys got to the beaches, and thanks for sharing the experience with us.