Friday, April 19, 2013

Creativity On The Go

Our family is on the go a majority of the time.  Not just the out and about for the day but moving on a regular basis and traveling regularly during those times.  There are always sketch pads, pencils, coloring supplies, paints, modeling clay and various art supplies on hand.  At the bare minimum sketch supplies in the boys backpacks and a wider variety of choices available at home.  As much as these are a must it is also the random materials that the boys find that leads to more creativity.

The random bits of cardboard with a roll of tape turns into a track for Ro's hex bugs or gathered sticks, rocks and seaweed become a work of art on the beach.  Personally these are my favorite creations - it leads me to wonder when the key clicks while they are looking at a random gathering of items and the vision comes to fruition.

While here in the UK the boys discovered the local Games Workshop.  It is a company based here in the UK that focuses on strategy games.  There was a Hobbit game set up in the window that caught the boys eye.  Not only was it a strategy game but all the pieces (characters and landscape and buildings) are waiting to be built and painted.  Once you purchase the set you are welcome to come down and work at the store and learn the painting techniques.  The boys tried it out and were hooked.  They have spent many hours at the store painting and building various characters.  Matt (the manager) is a wonderful teacher and mentor who works well with children.  The great thing is once you learn the basic techniques they encourage you to use your creativity in choosing how to paint the characters and other pieces.  

We are very thankful that the boys had the opportunity to enjoy this new craft and know that they will apply what they have learned to whatever creative opportunities they come across in the future.


  1. did they paint all of those figures? how cool! sounds like a very good project for homeschooled children. just the thing they have more time for and certainly something that bring a lot of satisfaction. i love all the beach rocks too. so cool. you'll be happy if you pay the extra baggage fees to lug a few pounds of those back to the u.s. i love my st. maarten shell collection. i think i should've brought more. xox

    1. Yes, they painted all of them - we have many more in their storage box. All the dwarfs, goblins and many many more characters from the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. We will miss the beach rocks- but we have photos!!!!
      Chey xo

  2. These are absolutely incredible! what a fabulous project. I am sure your boys will treasure these for years to come. They look like they have been done by a professional! just wow! xo