Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter in the UK

Although we had originally planned for an adventurous weekend exploring the southern coast of England (basically we wussed out with a weather forecast of really cold weather and snow/rain) we have still had some good fun hanging around home.  The boys painted eggs, we enjoyed a walk around town with a stop at the bumper cars for the boys and had a chilly but fun morning at rugby.  

As the boys painted eggs we reminisced about previous Easters.  The last two were enjoyed on the island in the warm sunshine.  The first one we spent the day on the island of Anguilla with Grammy and Boompa (and Jim and Alexi) - we enjoyed caribbean blue waters, white sand beaches and yummy pineapple drinks.  The second - Auntie Carith helped us color eggs the night before she flew home.  We were in the midst of packing up to leave our caribbean home.  We are once again in the midst of packing - the boys and I will be leaving England ahead of the original schedule.  We will head to Canada to spend time with Oma and Papa and then on to spend time with Grammy farther south in Mexico.  Michael will finish up rotations (here in the UK) and study for his next big exams (Step 2 CS and CK).  We will meet up again in the summer before his elective rotations start back in the US.  It will be hard being apart and we will miss him very much!!!!  For now we are enjoying our time together - mostly staying inside and trying to keep warm.

as we have found - egg decorating supplies are a little different everywhere we live  - but as long as the boys have the basics their creativity takes care of the rest.  The food coloring here in the UK is made from natural plants and when used with the traditional method of mixing it with water and vinegar the results were not what the boys were looking for.  They wanted bright and vibrant colors.  The problem was solved by soaking the brushes directly in the food coloring.

Happy Easter to all - enjoy your beautiful, colorful and creative eggs


  1. Oh Chey -your life sounds so so very busy/hard right now. Packing & thinking of moving & next steps. We have not moved as many times as you all have , but we have moved around and each time it has been hard. Even harder when you have to be separated from your husband.

    Happy easter -I do love the colors on these eggs. I think they look lovely. So funny how things are different place, to place. Hope you have had a lovely lovely day. xxoo

    1. I hope your Easter was as lovely as ours. Yes, life is busy/hard right now and I think that is why the blog is wonderful - a bit of normalcy - something that is always there for me to capture our memories and adventures through this whole process. All the moving has really helped in simplifying our lives and the need for "stuff". It is also good to know that a year from now we will all be together and making plans to be in one place for a good bit of time. We will get there - in time. Thank you for your lovely comments Rebecca!!!
      Chey xo