Monday, March 4, 2013

Settling In

The day after we arrived we settled in to a rhythm.  We would wake and enjoy a fresh and filling breakfast made by our host at the B&B.  Moroccan pancakes, crepes, Nutella, fresh fruit, orange juice, cheese and of course Moroccan Mint Tea.  After breakfast we meandered over to town and enjoyed the view while finalizing plans for the surf sessions of the day.  The first day we headed to Essaouira Beach as the swell was really big and we needed to ease into the week.  We also enjoyed a wonderful New Years Celebration with home cooked food and West African drum music.

this boy has been missing his surfing

hmmm wetsuites

a couple of the guys that joined us 

standard mode of transportation

local law enforcement

headed out for some surf

the view we enjoyed

the fire we enjoyed every evening - Ronan informed me recently that it was the the coziest room he has enjoyed

our surf guides were also African Drum musicians

New Years celebration

part of Sidi Kaouki

some big surf further out


  1. Oh 'wow' - what a wonderful, vibrant adventure.

    Nina x

  2. I found your blogs through the AUC Spouses site and I would really love to talk with you. We are considering the same journey with our family and it would be great to here how this has been for you and also how, logistically, you've been able to make this happen.
    If you would please shoot me an email @ I would very much appreciate it.

  3. I just finished enjoying your three Morocco posts, and it's hard to describe the effect they have on me. I have not been to Morocco since I was sixteen years old, but I still have such a deep love for that place. The old guys on donkey's, the medina walls lined with silver and tapestries, the ancient buildings, the Moorish architecture... it all stirs up a deep feeling of contentment, satisfaction and happiness.

    I was blessed with parents much like you and Mike... they had the travel-and-explore bug big time. I don't even know how many times we got in our family van on a Friday afternoon and just drove to new places around Morocco, stayed at the craziest hotels and bread and breakfasts, ate fruit and chicken from roadside vendors, saw new places, and then rolled back home late Sunday evening. And in the summer we did the same thing, but across Europe for weeks and weeks at a time.

    Morocco is truly an enchanted land. The people are peaceful, happy and beautiful, and their country is mysterious and inviting. I'm excited that you guys all got to experience it, and, from what it looks like, enjoyed it.

    Thank you for taking the time to go there and to take and post these pics.


    1. Casey - Thank you for the comment. There are more posts to come - I am not through all of our pics yet or experiences. I feel exactly like you do about the country and the people. We really did enjoy our time there and I plan on returning at some point in my life. I only wish we had more time there - to explore even more. I am hoping with all of the short trips we have taken it has sparked enough interest in the boys to return and spend time in different places around the world as they grow older. Glad you enjoyed the posts and brought back some good memories. I hope they will do the same for us in the future.
      Take Care