Sunday, March 3, 2013

Souks and Medinas

Visiting the Souks (markets) or Medina (the old part of the city usually in the walls with narrow maze like alleys) in Essaouira (a city just north of Sidi Kaouki) was high on our to-do list while in Morocco.  The first full day there we had a bit of time before surfing to wander around as we waited for the tide to be just right.  Later in the week we returned for a second time to wander and make some purchases.  I would have enjoyed wandering through the small streets and alleys watching the buzzing activity time and time again.

alley full of silver and gold jewelry shops


internet cafe

view of the ocean from inside the walls

gaggles of children coming from school

the boys arm in arm taking in the sites (I heard Ro whisper - you watch that side and I will watch this side).  the locals showed great affection for his golden hair

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  1. Wow! Beautiful! All the textures, patterns, colours, keyhole doors... looks like an amazing place to explore and people watch.