Friday, March 29, 2013

A New Spot

After our usual morning meet up we headed down a bumpy road along the coast.  We were up high above the water - the top of some sand dunes.  Hamid really wanted to share another beautiful spot with us  - it was a reef break but also a very beautiful beach that was warm and relaxing.  I know I would have enjoyed an entire day just soaking up sunshine on the empty beach.

so much to take in

growing up so fast

Ro and Michael opted not to surf, spending their time playing in the tide pools and exploring.  Dill surprised us all  - the reef break is a faster wave that can be trickier to catch.  He felt comfortable with the smaller size waves and caught wave after wave.  The boys ran free and we all enjoyed sharing a special place with Hamid.


  1. your photography is absolutely lovely. I love the story of your day through these photos. So so brave of mr.surfer & super fabulous he caught wave after wave. The beach looks absolutely perfect. I can imagine how lovely it is in the warm summer. xo

    1. Thank you. It definitely helps to have a beautiful place to photograph. We are missing the sunshine and beauty of that place for sure.
      Chey xo

  2. You are seeing a part of Morocco I never experienced. When we explored the country, it was usually inland... the desert, the oasis's (not sure how to make that word plural) and the mountains. But, this part is a beautiful as all the rest. Glad you guys found some warm sunshine and waves!