Saturday, August 25, 2012

School Will Commence

Yes, school will commence in September.  I am going to continue home schooling the boys - although we came close to enrolling them in school here.  I prefer to have the option to explore much like we did on the island.  We have limited time here and we want to soak it all up and see everything we can.  Although this time we will not have our awesome tutors that we had on the island (Alex, Whitney and Cecily) and I will be going it solo.  Extra-curricular activities have begun to be sorted out - Rugby is a definite and football (is a possibility) and myself I plan on rowing.

materials ready - we will be picking up our Montessori math works when we head back to Colorado for my brothers wedding

maps on are on the wall -so many places and so little time -Isle of Wight, Scotland and Barcelona are already scheduled

so much to see in just our own country

our section of coastline

social studies/journals ready to be filled with photos and memories of our travels

had to include some treats from the farmers market today - lovely focaccia

delicious olives

there was also fresh fruit, home made jams and jellies, pork pies, any bread you choose and for you Nicole gluten free brownies - so many goodies to choose from


  1. mmm yum! that focaccia looks like something you'll have to get every week! i love seeing the new school books (just picked some up yesterday here) and of course the maps are the best part. worth every penny...

    1. OH - I am sure Ezra will love the books - Dillon's favorite at that age was a fun spanish workbook - you should try one. i agree we will be regulars at the market. I have heard there is a market that comes over from Normandy in September in a neighboring town - you can bet we will be on the train there that day!!!!!