Monday, August 6, 2012


Somehow we managed to pull off a weekend trip a day after we arrived.  We did not really have a choice as it was the tickets we got for the Olympics and the Football match we went to was in Cardiff.  We opted to drive as we do not have our rail discount card yet and with 4 of us a 2 day rental is much cheaper - it was supposed to be faster but in typical McGlue fashion many stops were made along the way (well a few turnarounds and a back track to pay for some gas - shhhh we won't talk about that one too much).  The trip was lots of fun and our friend Nicole was great company to have along the way.

A drive by photo of Arundel Castle - a town very close to Worthing - we plan on heading there soon


that's right we did the cheap drive by (remember we are broke students)

as you can tell by the water drops on the pic - the deluge of rain was just starting

we came across several tank crossings


ready to cheer on Team GB against S. Korea - although Great Britain lost it was a wonderful experience to cheer on the team of our new home and feel the excitement in the air.  Memories of a life time.

x-large hanging flower pot trees

nice photo Dill

Cardiff castle

small, dark and windy roads

The Knights of the Round Table in Winchester

a door leading to the crypts

the underground creeped Dill out a bit - he took off

Winchester is a fun little town with a great City Center/ Main street to spend time walking around.

Thank you Nicole for joining us at the Olympics and our first weekend road trip.  We all had a fun time exploring and look forward to many more experiences while in the UK.


  1. I am really excited about your England blog! I can't wait to see pictures of your new apartment and all that stuff! Is it very far from the hospital? Did you have to get your money converted into pounds to go shopping?
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Trisha - yes you do have to convert everything here (not like on the island). It is less then 10 minutes to walk to the hospital. We are very happy with the location of our Flat.

  3. Gorgeous pictures! You've been invited to join the Medical Mondays Blog Hop #medical #bloghop #medspouse #medicallife

  4. fun times! great memories for sure! love the beanfreaks store front and huge flower pot. and the boys are so cute in matching hoodies and sambas.