Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bits and Bobs

Since we have arrived we have been making non stop observations.  How can we not?  We just spent 20 months on a Caribbean island and have now moved to the Southeast Coast of England.  Here are some thoughts, ideas, observations, comparisons and all that that we have noticed so far.

- St. Maarten    18.0667° N, 63.0500° W
- Worthing, West Sussex, UK   50.8155° N, 0.3973° W  

 -bits and bobs - replaces "things" for eg.  the landlord left you some bits and bobs in the cupboard (bread, jam, tea and coffee).
-there are palm trees here - a different variety I am sure
-we are on the ocean with a beach BUT - it is a rocky/pebbly beach - not sandy
-the tide is very extreme here - unlike St. Maarten where you would hardly notice
-straightaway - means right away
-LOTS of coins - St.Maarten liked less (avoided the penny) - here there is even a 2 pence  - which is similar to a 2 penny coin (I will dedicate a post just to the money here)
-driving - obviously on the wrong side of the road (haha) - which translates to when you are walking you have to watch from the other direction
-very family friendly - discounts all over and just an awareness of families
-green grass - not much of it on the island - everywhere possible here -
-parks - rather called gardens here - throughout the town and they are used by many.  For a picnic lunch or just to sit and enjoy for a moment (we have an almost nightly soccer match in ours)
-groceries - many choices, fresh and awareness for organic or healthy growing - good prices (even with the exchange rate) - many local choices
-walking everywhere
-the people - extremely friendly and helpful (the people on the island were as well) - happy to strike up a conversation or answer questions.
-laundry - hmmm - well instead of 1 day a week with 4 loads for the entire family including towels etc we will now be doing a load a day (a very small load) - remember the washing machine/dryer combo in one are very small and in the kitchen  - but we are good with this - at least we have one.
-biking - wow - a bike path for miles along the ocean and then one that goes inland for miles and miles - you can visit farmers markets along the way - have a picnic or lunch at a pub - visit the marshland - whatever suits your fancy and all without taking your life into your hands like on the island (same goes for walking)

I am sure there will be many more posts like this as we have more experiences in our new home

until then - Cheers


  1. i love english terminology! so fun to read british and aussie blogs to hear their language. i'm so glad you're sharing some here. i'm hoping there will be a noticeable change in your writing so i can here more of it. i have to catch up now on more of your posts!

  2. Hey - yes, we love the language here. The young ones are my favorite to listen to. I am hoping the boys pick up some of it while we are here. Miss you!