Saturday, August 4, 2012

Our New Home

We have arrived and could not be happier.  The entire trip went as smooth as butter you could say - from Denver check in (all bags were 22 kg or less - thank you Carith) - the flight then went much faster then I expected (somehow we slept more then we thought we would) and finally landing in London - we were a tad worried about immigration ( mostly because of the visa fiasco and clinical schedule change - more about that another time).  Much to our surprise we landed, zipped through immigration, picked up bags, walked through customs and met our driver and were on the highway WITHIN an hour.  This definitely does not happen in Denver.  The boys and I snoozed during the 2 hour drive and Mike enjoyed an informative conversation with the driver (he even drove us to a new football stadium along the way).  In no time we pulled into Worthing and as soon as the boys hopped out they proclaimed "it smells like Squeaky Beach in Carmel".  It sure did and this can only mean good things.

The goodness has only continued since we have begun to settle in (we only arrived yesterday).  The usual errands when you move to a new place are almost done and were done with ease (phones, internet service, bank account, groceries etc) and we have wandered around town a bit.  We can walk to everything we need which we are so excited about - no car needed or wanted at this time (or preferably ever).  The ocean is across the road, the park next door, hospital less then 10 minutes and we will be finding the train station this evening when we meet a friend who is arriving (we are headed to Cardiff for the Olympics in the morning).  I will post a few pics but until we get permanent internet we will have to hold off on full albums which is the only way to do justice to our new home.

 Ireland from the plane
 Steyne Gardens (the park next door)
 Low tide - can't wait to get the Wellies on and explore
our street looking away from the ocean

 Steyne Gardens


It was just a peak but hopefully it gives you an idea of the beauty of our new home.


  1. looks cold and beautiful! your boys will be three shades later when you are done there!

    1. I have to say the temps have warmed up and it is very pleasant out. Yes - they will be very pale when we move home - I guess we will have to find a sunny warm country to visit every month!!!