Tuesday, August 21, 2012


This last weekend was Birdman in Worthing  - the competition is to see how far someone can "fly" off a platform that is built on the end of the Pier.  We were in London on Sat. but enjoyed the festivities right outside our door on Sunday.

just as the contestants were about to start their "flights" some eery clouds rolled in - the boys and I were surprised to see some lighting and hear a bit of thunder.  It did not slow the competition down in the least and eventually the sun came out and it was a warm day

there are 3 categories - Leonardo - what you see here - the contestant builds their own flying contraption and well most of them just "fall" into the water.  Category 2 are the Condors - they use manufactured wings such as gliders.  Category 3 are the Kingfishers - these are basically people dressed up in costumes that are raising money for charities.

one of the Condors about to take off - sadly there was very little wind on Sunday so flights appeared to be fairly short

I think this was the best part of the day - a crepe with belgian chocolate while sitting on the beach - really - nothing like it.


  1. so good to talk to you today! it was great seeing you and ronan too - i literally dreamt of him the night before. i don't think i ever have before.
    this last picture makes my mouth water! i can't wait to hear about the fish and chips you'll be certain to soon find!

    1. It was great to talk to you and see the baby - Indy is awesome. Ezra is growing up so fast. I am excited to find some good fish and chips - every now and again I get a hankering for it - especially with a good beer!! Catch up again soon. xoxo