Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Boys Tree

We picked out a tree together and the rest was all the boys.

I had bought an array of crafts - felt, pipe cleaners, craft paper, ribbon - in hopes the boys would be excited about making some christmas ornaments.  There was not much motivation - until- we picked up some hama beads and the boys spent an entire day making ornaments for the tree

our crooked star that never wants to stand straight

one of carith's mini snowflakes

the colorful lights the boys chose

the boys picked the most colorful lights and a box of ornaments with colors to match.  they added some ribbon and their personal touch with all their hand made decorations.

sometimes mom needs to let them follow their own inspiration
thank you for the very beautiful tree boys


  1. That's fantastic and I love all the Hama decorations - very can tell it's a boys tree.

    Nina x

  2. it'll be so nice to look back on this tree! i love looking back on some of ours from the last years. i thought our island tree was so sad, but i look back and think we did pretty well with the limited resources! popcorn garland does wonders...

    1. I loved your island tree!! It forces us to be creative and not get get stuck in our "norm" of expectations. I think we will work on a popcorn/cranberry garland today.
      Chey xo

  3. Josh LOVED making those bead things when he was a kid! His family still has a few ornaments that he made. Your boys are so creative with their designs! The dragon is awesome. Love your pictures, Cheyenne.