Thursday, December 6, 2012

Chill is in the Air

It is that time of year which means the boys in the house need something warm and cozy to cover their noggins.  There are always many hats around the house as we all like to wear them regularly but they were all in need of something for the days that required something a little nice.  When you don't want to wear the hat that rolled in the mud at rugby or was full of sweat from a run or bike ride in the cold.  I have been fairly busy (and my right hand can tell you so) with hats for the guys, hand warmers for my sister while she was here (missed a photo op with those) and presently working on a chunky cowl that will keep the chilly wind off my neck and face.

green for Dillon

blue for Ronan

a mix for Michael

warm and soft to fight off the seasons chill and wind


  1. and what about your noggin good mama? love those colors. did you get the yarn locally? you must for some of your projects for sure. great memories.

  2. Nice work! Those look fantastic! Great colours too!

  3. Wow!!! Your work is lovely Chey!! And that yarn!! Yes, please do share where you get your yarn!!!

  4. They do look fabulous and warm - it is the same in our home, though I struggle with hats - not only do I look silly in them, but they make my head itch. I've yet to find a hat that suits and stays on longer then five minutes.

    Nina x