Sunday, December 2, 2012

Holiday Goodness

While my sister Carith was here we spent some time in the kitchen preparing our Thanksgiving meal.  As neither one of us are a baker there was a bit of experimenting.  We were hoping to pick up a couple of pre-made pie crusts for the pumpkin pie that Dillon has been dreaming of.  We realized that was not going to happen and settled for some frozen shortbread pastry.  We figured it would be easy enough to substitute.  Well - it was a bit different and I admit defeat - our pumpkin pie had no hope of being as good as Grammies.  I am sure the day we return to the US Dillon will be begging Grammy to make him a pumpkin pie.  On the positive side I loved using the pastry to make fruit tarts.  

we made these up last minute with sliced pears and plums sprinkled with brown sugar

our funky looking pumpkin pie - just not the same as Grammies

Carith took the left over pastry and filled pockets with frozen berries

with much improvisation we came up with an array of yummy goodness for our Thanksgiving
Thanks Carith for all the fun in the kitchen

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