Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Isle of Wight

This last weekend we had a little get away on the Isle of Wight - a small island (although bigger then we expected) that is off the southern coast of England.  We were joined by our friend Rose (a fellow spouse we met while on St.Maarten) and her baby girl Eliaa.  We had not seen her since we left the island and it was great to spend time together again.

we visited Seaview a small zoo on the island

Eliaa saying hi to ducks, chickens, hens and roosters

she really wished she could be in the pen with the Wallabies

sleepy pig

Dillon not to sure of the icky fish being fed to the penguins

a wood carving we saw leaving Seaview

a shady lane to the bus stop

the beach in sundown

regardless of how chilly it is, ice cream is always yummy

Dillon reminiscing about his time on St.Maarten and missing the waves at Plum Bay

rarely do we splurge for these activities but thought it would be fun - Michael hit Dillon so hard his hat flew off

so glad all creatures are welcome

we discovered Cowes (the town we stayed in) is a HUGE sailing town.  our cottage (Blue Dolphin) reminded the boys of the cottage we usually stay in when we visit Carmel - they loved it

yummy breakfast on a cooly rainy day

what can I say - we loved Isle of Wight - we were surprised at how built up and commercial it was and soon realized after talking to some locals we need to go visit the west coast!!!!!  That is where the surf is better, it is wild and free - open spaces.  More rough and rustic - what we love most.  SO - I guess that means we will be returning, even if it is to an area we have somewhat explored and it will be winter - I really want to go back and so does Dillon for sure and probably Ro (as I know there is an aquarium on the other side of the island).  

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  1. hmmm.... i think i have a blogging friend on the west coast. i will have to check and put you in touch. the blog is called tabiboo. loved these pics. eliaa is so cute! the boys are so sweet with her.