Friday, September 7, 2012

A Whole Lotta Rugby

After Dillon saw how fun rugby was he decided to play with Ro's team (he can train with them and play league games).  Ro's coach suggested it would be much more fun then learning how to play on the U12 team considering there are boys on the U10 team that are bigger then Dill.  So we have opted not to play football (soccer) while here but are going to focus on learning a new sport.  It also leaves more time open for travel.  Training is on Tuesdays and Sundays when there is not a game.  We have learned that a festival would be a tournament and fixtures are league games, gum shields are mouth guards, cleats are boots and every year the team does a mini tour together.  A mini tour is when all the families go on a bus together for a long weekend to a festival and stay at a fun place that has an indoor water park etc.  As the coach described the parents can have some drinks and the kids can have some fun.  Sounds like a good idea to me - it will be in May (yes - the season is from September through the beginning of May - there are 2 official weeks off at Christmas although there is an option for training)  YES - Rugby is serious business here.

the long lane coming into the Worthing Rugby Club

yep - these would be speed bumps

warm up

these boys are so happy


even though this pic is not completely clear it gives a realistic shot of what rugby is all about - and yes that boy in the back is yelling - it is part of the game

waiting instruction

practicing defense

learning how to protect the ball

this is just one of those - I looked up and grabbed the camera and prayed the shot would come out - of course it did not - I was all the way across the field and it was nearly dark.  I just had to document this memory of my 2 boys on their first rugby team in England.  Hopefully we will get their uniforms this weekend at training.  sorry for all the photos but I wanted to capture how it is to watch their trainings - so entertaining - there is nothing like rugby - if you have boys you would understand - it is knock down dirty rough play and they absolutely love it.  the coaches are awesome - I have never seen coaches so enthusiastic in any other sport - the kids on the team are wonderful and welcoming to the boys - everyone out there is family oriented and friendly.  A great experience and we all look forward to the upcoming season in such a positive and fun environment.
PS - both boys were sore for days


  1. sooooo cool! i love all the pictures! never apologize. how fun to see all of them and the boys and their new team. ro must LOVE it that dill gets to be on his team - that he took the lead on this one. i'm so proud of your boys getting in there and immersing themselves once again in a new culture. it sounds loads of fun! keep sharing! love that they are wearing their sambas and adidas shirts. will they be getting rugby gear soon? : ) looks like pony tails and headbands (or beanies like dill) are going to be in order soon too.

    1. Yes - I think the boys are excited to play together. Hopefully at training sunday we will pick up their uniform. There first game is at the end of September so they have some time. They wear trainers (running shoes) until it gets a little wet and slippery then it will be time for some studded boots. They have a 2 more studs then the typical football boots. No worries I will be posting many pics of this activity.