Monday, September 24, 2012


The weekend before last we took a day trip via train to a town called Chichester.  There was an open air museum called Weald and Downland that I thought would be a great way to stay outside in the beautiful weather and learn about the "olden days" in the countryside of England.  It was a great chance for Alexi and I to catch up as we wandered around the museum.

market center

thatch roof

brick and woodwork

school house


herbs drying

work horses

part of the village

the downs

the best part for the boys - one of the volunteers explained to the boys that this is where you would pooh (yes those were his words and it was on the second floor) and the pooh would go outside in a pile and be mixed with ash from the fireplace to be used as manure

what they call a truckle (we call them trundles)

there was a class on medicinal plants that we really wish we had known about ahead of time - they also grew many of the plants on the property

the baby piggies were hiding

the boys tried out the old fashioned kids toys

feeding the ducks

the flour that the functioning mill produces

the mill

some old planes that flew by

before going home we visited the chichester cathedral

the ceiling

I would highly suggest paying a visit to the museum if you are in the Sussex area, a great place for kids to roam free while learning a bit too.  Thank you Alexi for a beautiful fall day of exploring

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  1. i daresay i detect some english dialect in your writing chey! i only wish i could pay sussex a visit so my wee ones could learn a bit! and to be there with you and alexi would be so fun! i loved these pictures! am having a great time living vicariously through you!