Thursday, February 13, 2014

Return To Amsterdam

When we returned from living in England I never completed my posts from our trip to Amsterdam.  It takes time and motivation to browse the photos and choose which ones to post.  This is also my creative outlet and if I do not feel motivated to work on something it simply does not happen.  The motivation to work through the Amsterdam photos has returned and we can all enjoy reminiscing about our time in a beautiful and amazing city.

With about a million bicycles in the city it is not surprising that about 25,000 end up in the canals (which are cleaned twice a year).

The Anne Frank statue outside the Westerkerk church 

The Westerkerk church is just down the street from the Anne Frank house.  This church is where some of my fathers family were entombed.

Would love to see the whole family on this one.

The Anne Frank house that was part of our family history.  My fathers great aunt (on his mothers side) lived here with her husband who worked for a trading company before Anne Frank lived there.  The house also stored goods that came from an Indian trading company

A wonderful restaurant that serves traditional dutch food such at Hotchpotch and Hachee.  When the restaurant opened the owner asked all the guests to bring their own cutlery, glasses, and plates, these dishes are still used today.  They also began a collection of photos of Mothers which cover the walls today.  Moeders is Dutch for Mothers.

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  1. What a fascinating family history! I would love to get a bicycle for four too. I wonder if they make one for 6?