Thursday, April 3, 2014

The End of Hat Season (we hope)

I finished off (true) winter with a few hats for next year.  A couple for a dear friends little ones and an orange one for Dillon.  I think he has been asking for an orange hat for years now.  I guess it had to be the right time and place.
We are more than ready for a warm spring and some summer weather but mother nature seems to think otherwise.  We awoke to 4 inches of fresh snow.


  1. Oh no! We awoke to a fresh dumping on Sunday, and it was so depressing! Spring finally seems like it might have arrived here, though — maybe up to 14 degrees on Sunday! That will be a treat, if it's true!
    Great hats! I love the texture in the orange one. And I love how the posts have such personality when they're wearing hats! :)

    1. Yes Amberlea, winter is hanging on tight this year. We finally had some rain rather then snow!!!! Thank you for the compliments, I also love how the posts look like characters with the hats. Hoping for sunshine and warmth for you.
      Chey xo