Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Backwoods

After much procrastination we gathered up enough motivation to take a wander to the backwoods (on the farm - last summer).  The heat and bugs had been a little much - but we hoped we could last long enough to see what it was like back there now - as the last time I remember being back there was to cut down a Christmas tree years ago.

Just before we headed over the gate and into the woods.

yes, that would be wolf poop - with remnants of bones.  This being the exact reason the kids are a tad bit leery of exploring in the back woods.  As the story goes Papa has arrived at home to find a wolf at the back door of the farm house.

What did we find?  What used to be an open space with big flat rocks, a swamp and a beaver dam is now completely filled in with plant growth.  It was so thick with bushes and growth that we could have used a machete.  There were many, many juicy blueberries but the bugs were so bad the kids would not let us stop long enough to pick them and enjoy.  We also ran into some nice thick muck that liked to suck the boots off of our feet and of course the wolf dung.  Regardless it was a good adventure - but Papa, Oma and Sophia may have had the better idea - they hung out at home - free of bugs hmmmmm.


  1. Your pictures are really stunning! What camera do you use? I think its time I invest in one since my iPhone isn't cutting it anymore. Fellow Dr.s wife here :)

    1. Thank you Kelly!!!! I have a Nikon D3000 and the lens I have on it 99% of the time is a Sigma 18-250. I love this lens because it allows me so many options. When I take pictures of the kids I like being far enough way that I don't intrude. If you have any other questions shoot me an email. I do have to say you can accomplish a lot with iphones these days. Thanks so much for stopping by!!!! Isn't this life a fun adventure!!!!!

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