Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Season of FAMILY has Begun

For the first time in a few years we had Thanksgiving in the US with family.  It was great to gather at my sisters house.  
Relax, making and eating lots of good food, lots of walks and bike rides with the dogs, many, many puzzle pieces accompanied with many, many cocktails.  
Lazy mornings, long chats, classic movies and good belly laughs.

Papa and Beau

The La Plata's with a bit of alpenglow

beautiful high dessert evening skies

shenanigans  - mama was pushing Dillons buttons

wipe out

papa and oma

the Sleeping Ute

Ro enjoying some puppy lovin time

the many puzzle pieces accompanied with the many beverages

Ro and his Quinzee

after testing it he declared it warmer then outside - SUCCESS

shortly after we arrived back home we were treated to a deep freeze and some snow

the island may have ruined me forever - I just cannot take these low temps anymore
Ronan seems just fine and spent his time outside building his Quinzee in the front yard
We are thankful for our time with family and look forward to so much more in the weeks to come

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  1. Your photos are stunning! What a lovely adventure.

    And yes, sometimes the cold just eats away at you like no business! Makes it hard to get outside. However, there are times out here where we all really really really miss the snow! xo