Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Time

After spending the last 2 Christmas' outside of the US and one of those away from family,  this year was extra special.  Christmas 2012 was the first time myself and the boys were not with family, it was very hard to say the least.  For 2013 we were thankful that Michael was finished with his rotations in Michigan,Oma and Papa were able to head south from Canada, and Carith had completed her seasonal work for the year.  The boys have really come to see the importance of time with family and loved ones over massive piles of gifts which warms my heart.
The holidays have been filled with good food, good company and a warm and cozy home.

Thank you to all of our family for a wonderful Christmas


  1. Happy Christmas! I hope that it was wonderful, filled to the brim with family and love!

    As usual, I love your captures and the stories they tell. xxoo

    1. Thank you - it was a wonderful day. I hope yours was full of joy and love.
      Chey xoxo

  2. PS: that fireplace is GORGEOUS!! xxoo