Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fall Break

Time away
Somewhere warm and peaceful
Less people 
Dessert colors and hues
Cold nights, brisk mornings, and warm days
Clear blue skies
Full moon
Sleeping under the stars

Days with no schedule
Boys free to roam
Daily late afternoon cocktail hour for sunset viewing
A time to practice fire building skills
A coating of dessert dust on bedding, cloths, bikes, truck and bodies

Thank you Carith for sharing this fall break with us and the photo contributions.


  1. wowwowowowowowowowowowo! amazingly beautiful! where where you camping? Must go!

    these photos are absolutely fabulous! what wonderful captures! Gosh I sooooo need to get out of the city! (with the boys in tow!!) xxoo

    1. We all need to take breaks from our busy lives - so important to take the time. It is Canyonlands, Utah. The campground is Hamburger Rock. You and the boys would love it. The whole area has so much to explore!!!!!!

    2. Thanks so much! I had wondered if it was Utah. We have only passed through with the boys (camped there solo in Moab years ago!) This camping trip is a must in 2014! thanks so Chey! xo

  2. Wow, what magnificent landscapes! Beautiful! Great shots! xo