Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pevensey Castle

Next we hit up Pevensey Castle - a place Michael has wanted to check out.

headed to the dungeon

the scene of the wet feet (the water was so clear Ro stepped right into it)

Dillon was mortified to hear that part of the castle was built by Romans (thankfully only the outside wall - so he remained in the center until we left).  He favors the Greeks and it is always a lively discussion when the Romans come up!!!!

A beautiful place to visit with some interesting history - we highly recommend a trip here.


  1. Gosh that sky looks so dramatic - such a windswept place.

    Nina x

  2. Where is this, and how far from Worthing is it?

    1. This is East of Worthing on the coast. Maybe an hour and a half by car??? Some great history here that you would appreciate.