Monday, February 4, 2013

His Silhouette

the photo may be simple, but it means so much more

this last weekend I clicked away and when I caught a glimpse of this one on the computer it had something to say.  His silhouette is no longer what my mind recognizes.  It is taller, it takes up more space. In contrast to the horizon it is showing me a boy who is growing up, one who stands above it.  No longer just a little one playing by the sea.  
This awareness first came to me over the holidays, but has become real with this photo.  While standing on the beach in Morocco I tried to find Dillon in the surf line up and I kept looking for the little boy I would watch while we were on the island and I could not spot him.  I then realized his silhouette in the water had grown up.  He sat tall and confident on his board, his shoulders broad and strong, his gaze intent on finding the next wave.  Even how he carried himself was different then the young boy who moved to the island a few years ago.  Repeatedly I will glimpse at him and ask myself "when did this happen?"  He may be growing older, growing bigger but he will always be my sweet little boy, my first born.

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  1. oh wow. i can't even imagine - although i guess i can. my little island boy is so big now, so long and his feet are rough. dillon does look very big here - taller than the horizon as you so aptly point out. oh my.