Friday, October 19, 2012

Scrum, Rucks, and Muddy Boots

A few weekends ago (school work has taken over my life sadly) we had the opportunity to go to Windsor for a Rugby Festival (we call them tournaments in the US).  Even though it was foggy, cold and a little muddy we all had a great time.

 we left EARLY in the morning but caught this beauty

 what a smile - he was having so much fun


 ready to play

how many people have the opportunity to play rugby on fields overlooked by Windsor castle?

playing hard

Coach Neal giving instructions (although they do not call them coach here - just Neal)

Neal had such a hard time managing the boys food intake between games


 we lost track of how many people ro tackled by the end of the day

the gate keepers house ( I was corrected after I called it the "guard shack" - hmmm maybe too much time on a Caribbean island)

 wonder what it would be like to attend this school

Windsor Castle

The weekend was a great experience and we were all exhausted when we finally returned home.  Ronan had trouble getting out of bed the next morning and had boot bruises all over his legs.  Although Dillon did not play (he cannot play on this team in festivals because he is too old but can play most league games) he had a great time and was very supportive of his brother and team.  When the boys made it to practice the next week they practiced hard and were complimented by many coaches on their skills.  Proud of the boys for their hard work and ability to pick up a new sport and jump into the mix in a new country and group of kids.

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  1. What a fabulous opportunity and wonderful pictures. I love Windsor and you've captured it so perfectly.

    Have a beautiful weekend

    Nina x