Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Haggis,Neeps and Tatties

Our first "big" trip since we arrived in the UK was up north to Scotland.  I have always had a draw to visit this wild country (no it is not its own country - I know) and although it was a short trip it definitely left all of us wanting to return for a longer stay.  The people of Scotland are wonderful and the scenery is breath taking.  You think you have seen it all and then you drive around a corner and the view is better then the last.

Loch Lomond


a beautiful waterfall in the distance

Inverary Castle



Castle Stalker on Loch Laich - as seen in Monty Python

the view from our cottage (in Onich) of Loch Linnhe

along the great glen headed north to Loch Ness

Fort Augustus

Loch Ness

Alexi and Jim - we were neighbors and good friends on the island and we have been able to meet up here in the UK while Jim also does some rotations close to London - we are so happy we had the opportunity to travel together

ruins of Urquhart castle

the sun actually made the water a beautiful blue

To Be Cont'd.............

PS - Michael, Jim and Alexi enjoyed the Haggis


  1. We've only been the once and I absolutely fell in love with Scotland too - Fort William I think was the place we went to 'oh' and of course Loch Ness...but no monster - you've captured her beauty perfectly.

    Nina x

    1. Thank you Nina, I tried my best but there are so many textures to capture it was hard. Yes - we stayed just south of Fort William and drove through there on the way to Loch Ness.
      Chey x

  2. yes, chey. incredible beauty abounds there! i hope to be able to see her in person one day. can we refer to scotland as a she?

    1. Anushka you and the family would love it!!!! Yes, I do think think we can call her a "she" - it seems to fit.

      Chey xo