Thursday, July 25, 2013

Just an Update

Yes, I have been missing from this space for a little bit.  We have been focused on our time with family - Michael is back on this side of the pond, done with all his exams, and met up with us in Ontario.  There was a week of camping in the middle of a heat wave (thankfully we were on lake Erie), and now finishing up a week of art classes.  There are many entries to be posted and those will come once we settle down in Denver next week (holy cow, not sure how time flies but it really has).  The kids have been having a blast with their cousins and family and just plain summer fun.

I wish everyone the best as they enjoy the rest of summer - we will all catch up with you soon!!!!!!


  1. We were on the beach this last week enjoying our family time and I couldn't help but thing of your boys and all the surfing! A group of kids were in surf camp - maybe next year mine will be there too. Congratulations on Denver, lots of neat stuff to explore there - although no surfing:-)

    1. Thanks - the boys are looking forward to being close to family and their old friends so Denver will be perfect for getting back into "regular" school. YES - I think the kiddos would love surf camp - it is great to watch kids have fun in the ocean. So glad you were able to get some quality time as a family.
      Chey xo

  2. Replies
    1. Nope - only when in the water swimming.
      Chey xo