Sunday, July 7, 2013

Adios, Hasta Luego !!!!!!

Our time in Mexico was just what we needed.  Although it had been a few years since our last visit it felt like yesterday.  It was comfortable like a second home.  We had a wonderful time exploring with Cece and Isa, we are very thankful that they shared some of their special places with us.  We thank Grammy for her wonderful hospitality, the boys were able to catch up with their Grammy time that they missed while we were in England and make some pretty darn good new memories that will never be forgotten.

Ro's lovely morning "do"

fresh coconut

muchas gracias Abuela, nos lo pasamos de maravilla

watching this come down we were not sure we would make it out on the plane

but we were granted a lovely last swim

te amamos Puerto Morelos, volveremos pronto


  1. Beautiful! I can tell how much your hearts were renewed in Mexico. What perfect memories. xo

  2. delicious. i must live on a tropical island again in this life. must. for now, the desert is good.